Carnation Instant Breakfast vs Pediasure

Carnation Instant Breakfast vs pedicure Bringing up a baby is not easy, the journey is both challenging as well as rewarding. There are things like baby’s food, vaccinations, doctor’s appointments, weather changes, clothes and accessories and lot of other things which needs to be taken care of. Talking specifically about baby’s food, it is a difficult terrain too. Your baby may be breast – feed or bottle fed, whatever is the mode, an important thing is it should give him strength and enough for nutrients that supplements his growth. When we talk about Carnation Instant Breakfast or pedicure, they both are supplements that are added to baby’s milk to give him more calories and fed his stomach well. Both the supplements have their own pros and cons.


While Carnation Instant Breakfast in more natural and contains less sugar, pedicure has a high sugar content and is an expensive product too. However, when it comes to taste, there is no denying the fact that Pediasure comes in various flavors and is better in taste. You can blend Carnation Instant Breakfast with milk and banana and make a smoothie out of it or you can simply feed your toddler with the supplement.


Pediasure is full of chemical and once you read the labels, you will feel that you are only giving an overdose of a vitamin to your toddler, it is not even close to a natural supplement. Carnation, on the contrary, is rich in calorie and when added to milk it adds extra calories to it which is nutritional pleasure for kids. Pediasure is recommended by doctors after your kid attains the age of 1 year, which is not the case with carnation.


Supplements are good when added to milk or other dairy products. They become essential when your kid is not getting what he actually needs to grow in his particular age and suffers the lack of many vital nutrients. If this is the case, neither of the supplements mentioned in this article are bad, but, we recommend the use of Carnation Instant Breakfast more over a pedicure. While you save money with it, your kid is sure to get more calories and fuller stomach with Carnation Instant Breakfast.

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