Brown Rice vs White Rice

Benefits and dangers of white rice consumption was still so many experts debate. White rice of rice claimed to have already lost a lot of active compounds and also vitamins is wasted. As a result, time consuming in white rice, you just feel full but not got any benefit from the rice. The experts argued, rice from the rice turns claimed healthier especially on rice Brown. This means if you also eat epidermis and all existing vitamins in it. So what if Brown Rice vs. White Rice comparison?

Brown Rice vs White Rice 1

Brown Rice
A cup of brown rice contain 88 percent of manganese, selenium, 20.9 percent of the 27.3 percent from 18.7 percent of magnesium, tryptophan and only 12 percent of calories. Conversion from Brown rice to white destroyed about 60 percent of iron, 80 per cent of vitamin B1, 67 percent of vitamin B3, vitamin B6, 90 percent of the 60 percent of steel and nearly half of phosphorus, manganese and dietary fiber naturally present in rice. Equipped with natural oil, brown rice is friendly for the heart. Due to the concentrated fiber, brown rice is facilitating a healthy bowel movement and enhance weight loss. A cup of brown rice fulfilled about 80 percent of the daily requirement of manganese in the body. Manganese helps in the formation of healthy cholesterol. Brown rice increase metabolism and make you feel fuller for a longer time. Good not only to nourish the heart, protect from cancer, as well as prevent diabetes, eating Brown Rice also helps in losing weight. Because Brown rice meal will make you easy satiety and helps burning heaps of fat in the body.

Brown Rice vs White Rice 2

White Rice
White rice is rice that is already grounded and clear of bran and outer skin so that the resulting white rice. White rice has the sticky but in terms of nutrient substance its nutrition value is lower than other types of rice. White rice is characterized by grain-grain, white is clean, free of fleas and contains a lot of impurities. Wash the rice until it is clean before it is cooked into the rice. In 100 grams of white rice, embodied energy of 349 CAL 78.9 g, carbohydrates, fat 0.7 g, protein 6.8 g, calcium 10 mg, phosphorus as well as 140 mg. white rice Actually has many good benefits, especially to the digestive system, such as reducing inflammation colon, diarrhea and even prevent the onset of morning sickness in pregnant mothers. White rice carbohydrates high in which these nutrients are the quickest to nutrition is converted into energy. While the content of amino acids in rice serves to enhance muscle growth so that white rice is usually made as an option for a vegetarian who wish to increase muscle mass. White rice can accelerate the formation of urine so in other words white rice including diuretic.

Brown Rice vs White Rice 3

The more concentrated color to rice, the more the content of phytochemicals in it anyway. But that does not mean white rice does not have this substance. Phytochemicals can still be found in the white rice as long as the process of minced is not done repeatedly so that his nutritional not participated and lost due to mince-engine. So, in terms of health, Brown Rice vs. White Rice, the winner is certainly healthier for Brown Rice.