Benefiber vs Optifiber

The products of fiber are well-known for its ability to cure some specific digestion symptoms, like constipation and diarrhea. It is relatively safe to say that if you regularly consume fiber, you will have a good and healthy digestive system. Therefore, you should try to consume some fiber products more often to help you regulate the gastrointestinal tract and prevent constipation before it happens. Fiber products are widely available in the shops, but only the licensed products that are usually well-tested and have a better insight about your digestive system’s health. Here are two fiber products, namely Benefiber and Optifiber.

Benefiber vs Optifiber

Benefiber is a supplement created specially to improve your digestive health. The main ingredient is wheat dextrin which is a natural ingredient. Not far from Benefiber, Optifiber is the supplement made also to solve digestive problems. But Optifiber claims to be a multifunction product which can cure many problems, not just to cure the digestive symptoms. It is usually used as a diet supplement, especially for cholesterol and glucose problems, or for controlling the metabolism. Now, let us not wait any longer; let’s analyze each product from every aspect.

Mainly, the Benefiber is meant for constipation and diarrhea symptoms. But in the real situation, consumers feel the Benefiber has little to offer for the curing. So many people reported after consuming Benefiber that they are not getting anywhere away from their symptoms. The positive side is many of the consumers use it as a diet supplement. But that’s not what Benefiber meant to be. So, after researching about Benefiber, we found out that Benefiber claims that their products are “scientifically proven,” whereas a lot of sources concluded that no research studies have been made. Benefiber costs heavily too, making us think twice when trying to buy this product. (Have a look : Benefiber vs Psyllium)


Unlike Benefiber, Optifiber as the other fiber product doesn’t have that many problems. The primary purpose of Optifiber is to become a multi-function medicine for users. And that is successfully proven by Optifiber by its high ability in supporting the healthy bowel movement, and even controlling the glucose and cholesterol metabolism. Aside from the good results it made, Optifiber doesn’t have any research activity that proves this thing is up to the content or not. But we don’t need to worry because Optifiber has already been used by many and hasn’t come with any problem. Nevertheless, it is still better if the medicine or supplement has a license to prove that the product has already gone through a research and laboratory check.

Side Effect
It is better to try Benefiber first before using it for daily consumption. Because not only it is questioned for its research and laboratory test, Benefiber is also judged by most of the users negatively. On the contrary, Optifiber seems to hold a great result as the consumers use it nicely for the bowel problems, cholesterol control, and glucose metabolism control without too many negative effects. Maybe there are some, but it is just minor effects like drowsiness.


Both products seem not delivering very well as digestive medicine. Lacks of professional intervention seems to cause the whole products output. If you want to cure something like bowel symptoms, both items are not the best choice. But maybe Optifiber can give you some protection and make sure that your digestive system healthy. So it is wiser to use both as a preventive supplement, whereas in this sector Optifiber looks more promising than Benefiber.

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