Benefiber vs Miralax

Fiber intake has proven to aid in normal bowel movement and rid off the body’s toxic wastes that’s why more and more people include fiber in their diets. There’s a lot of people suffering from constipation and digestive problems that’s why more and more healthcare companies manufacture their own products. Fiber supplements come in a variety of forms including drinks and over-the-counter pills. Let’s take a look at Benefiber vs miralax, which are among the top products in fiber supplements.


Benefiber is a powder drink that is soluble in water, other beverages, or even with food. It contains wheat dextrin, which is a natural soluble fiber, making it 100% natural. It dissolves completely and produces no color upon dissolving, which proves that it does not have any other chemicals such as colorants. In addition, it does not contain any sugar and has zero taste. Benefiber has three variants: the Benefiber Healthy Shape, which contributes to being more fit; the Benefiber Powder, which is its standard fiber supplement; and the Kiwi Strawberry Fiber Drink Mix, which is a Benefiber with a Kiwi Strawberry flavor. It also comes in stick packs so that you can take Benefiber everywhere you go and drink the supplement whenever you need it. (Read also : Benefiber vs Metamucil)


Miralax, on the other hand, contains polyethylene glycol 3350 and comes in a soluble powder form. It can be dissolved in water and other drinks and does not give off any taste as well. The supplement is free from gluten and sugar. It also boasts of not giving any side effects such as bloating, cramping or urgency.


Reviewing Benefiber vs Miralax makes Benefiber an easy winner. The fact that it is completely natural, and dissolves in both food and liquid makes it a better pick over Miralax. Benefiber also has more products to choose from while Miralax has only one product and caters mainly to people who are experiencing occasional constipation. In addition, Benefiber provides an option for people on-the-go with their stick packs so that you can take the supplement anywhere, anytime. The stick packs also makes it cost-efficient because it packages the right amount of powder and nothing is wasted.

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