Benefiber vs Metamucil

Fiber supplements are really very effective remedies for relieving you of constipation symbols. Fiber supplements go a long way in the regulation of your digestive track; this being important in the avoidance of constipation. When you use fiber supplements more often, you are reasonably relieved of the ugly pains of abdominal cramping, bloating, embarrassing gas, as well as other complications related with bowel problems. While it is very easy to grab fibers supplements out there. Benefiber and Metamucil are some popular options of fiber supplements. So, let’s take a look at this Benefiber vs Metamucil comparison. What are these fibers supplements actually made of?


Functions and Working Mechanisms
Benefiber is made up wheat dextrin, this is actually fiber when it has its extraction from wheat starch. Metamucil on the other, hand is majorly composed of seeds of the psyllium plant. Of course both happen to be soluble fibers. Another juicy thing you will love about them is that they do their jobs very naturally. This now brings in the assured safety of deploying any of these two fiber supplements in the capacity of laxative. For one thing psyllium (which is peculiar to Metamucil) and wheat dextrin (distinct to Benefiber) can be easily transported through your digestive tract with a lovely capacity of absorbing water. This enables them with functionality of expanding possibly gaining in size. At the tail end, you are smile better on te toilet seat as you now have softer stools which are way bigger ensuring increased convenience for the muscle lining in your intestine to easily contract, transporting the stools more comfortable.

So what delicious stuffs do Metamucil and Benefiber bring to the table? these fiber supplements are a nice addition to our health. Over time it has been proven that psyllium contributes significantly in cutting down your cholesterol levels. It is comrade of oats in that they both contribute in slashing down our risk exposure to heat diseases. Even at eighty, you can enjoy rugby with your grandchildren as you have sufficient energy courtesy of the nutritious quantity of fatty acid as psyllium actively produces short chain fatty acids.


Possible Side Effects : Benefiber vs Metamucil
So, Who’s the winner between the Benefiber vs Metamucil contest? At the end, a rotund choice between Benefiber and Metamucil, involves having a peek at the possible side affects they both have.Benefiber is actually cool but is not an option for you at all if you ready suffer celiac disease. The major reason behind this is that it is wheat based product with a composition of gluten which may hurt you. Likewise, it is possible you may have sensitivity to psyllium. this if extended could result in allergic reactions, calling for a cautious use of Metamucil. But if you are not in anyway afflicted with celiac disease, Benefiber would be better fit than Metamucil in all however.


Bottom Lines
When you generally need a fiber supplement or you want send the resident of your bowels packing (with an effective laxative) rib, Metamucil and Benefiber would be two nice options.

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