Benefiber vs Fiber Choice

Benefiber is a type of powder fibers which contains wheat dextrin. Unlike other Fiber Choices, it’s clear 100% prebiotic Fiber, tastes free and it completely dissolves in most foods and beverages and they do not change their taste and textures. this type of Fiber plays a major supportive role in digestive systems. Prebiotic means that it nourishes the bacteria which support digestive systems. The recommended intake of Fiber ranges from 20-25 grams from plant food per day for an adult, both soluble and insoluble Fibers.


Fiber Choice, on the other hand appears in chewable tablets. The major ingredient is polycarbophil. These tablets are an easy way to get more of the naturally sourced Fiber mostly required in diets. Generally, Benefibers is a laxative product (typically prescribed forconstipation) while Fiber Choice is a vaginal product. The side effect caused by these Fibers are clear where Benefiber result to excessive weight loss, moderate weight gain, encopresis, hair loss, paranoia, contractions, migraines, bruise, acne, and fistula. On the other hand, Fiber Choice hasthe following side effects: weight loss, minimal weight gain, nausea, hermorrhoids, addiction, diabetes, cancer, dizziness, depression, spotting.

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Both Benefiber and Fiber Choice show negative interaction with alcoholic beverages. However, Benefiber can be mixed with drinks of your Choice either hot or cold such as coffee, water and soft drink. It also okay to mix them with sift food such as yogurts, pudding or applesauce. Available intake data show that Benefiber have been preferred for constipation and IBS to Fiber Choice.


Fiber Choice is highly recommended for it high support for immune systems, digestive tract and overall health. each serving of Fiber Choice is packed with a natural Fiber found in fruits and vegetable, refereed to as inulin. When stored at a moisture free room temperature of 20-25 degrees celcius, Benefiber has a shelf life of two years.

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