Benefiber vs Citrucel

Fiber is an ingredient that has been used widely as protection and healer to many digestive symptoms. Many of the digestive supplements or medicines are made of fiber because of its excellent ability. If you want to try the supplements, then you can start by taking either Benefiber or the Citrucel. Both have pretty much amount of fiber inside, about more than 50 percents. Benefiber is invented by the Novartis. Novartis, the company behind Benefiber was settled around 1996. It works as a company that likes to use natural ingredients inside its products. That’s why Benefiber main ingredient is focusing on the fiber ingredient. On the same page like Benefiber, Citrucel is a fiber supplement which is designed to help waste travel smoothly through the digestive tract. Its main ingredient is the methylcellulose, which is extracted from the plants. If you are curious about these two products, let’s check the explanation below.

Benefiber vs Citrucel

Firstly, you should know that Benefiber is made not just for improving your digestive health. Benefiber also has the ability to be a dietary supplement. Quite surprising to think that it can also cure the digestive problems while losing your weight. Nevertheless, the supplement can curb cravings with two serving per days. Many people are reportedly having a hard time when taking the Benefiber. With the amount of money that it costs, it is questionable to use the half-diet supplement and half-medicine product. On the other hand, Citrucel is quite a solid product. Citrucel offers you 10 to 15 grams fiber per day which is pretty much all we need for one day. Likewise, Citrucel can cure constipation and the diarrhea problems. The extra fiber can make the stool firmer and more solid for the diarrhea sufferers. And for the constipation sufferers, the extra bulk can make waste food softer and easier to pass. Citrucel may not be the most fantastic product of fiber that is produced, but the function is up to the content of the products.


The performance of Benefiber is pretty sloppy for a product which costs a lot. To be more precise, Benefiber is not supported by any research proof for the product, Benefiber is pretty much like a half-baked meal served to the consumers. It is really unpredictable for what will come to you after consuming it. It had no taste and dissolved pretty fast. That problem must be added to your consideration along with its ability to make you lose weight. Otherwise, you will be using it in a wrong function and caused you terrible problems. On the contrary, you can try using the Citrucel as your digestive supplement. Citrucel is pretty much the perfect supplement for the prevention. It has the right ability to prevent the gastrointestinal symptoms. You can afford to eat it after your meal. If you do so, your digestive tract will be clean from every symptom that can happen.


From the overall performance, it is already clear that Benefiber is not a good product. It lacks in every aspect and having two different functions in one product can backfire. In this case, it is better for you to choose Citrucel than Benefiber. Citrucel is a good product with a simple method not like Benefiber. Though, it is best to use the Citrucel as a prevention supplement than to use it to cure the digestive problems.

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