Atkins Vs Keto Diet

Diet methods are available for free and you can try which seems to fit within the lifestyle the most such as the popular Atkins Vs Keto. These diet methods are amazing for those who are looking for a diet that prefers to keep their meals as often and can eat plenty of different foods as well. These methods are very similar however so it can be confusing but they are not identical and here we are going to talk about the diet and how to follow the plan.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

– How to Select a Diet Method
– What are Atkins and Keto Diet
– How to Lose Weight with Atkins Diet
– How to Lose Weight with Keto Diet
– What are the Common Mistake with Atkins and Keto Diet
– Atkins Vs Keto Diet

Choosing for a Diet Method

We are sure none of us are happy about gaining a lot of weight in a short time till the amount of body fat exceeds what it considered healthy. But, sometimes it is difficult to avoid habits that contribute to our bad lifestyle or eating habits and at the time we realize it, there is already too much weight to lose. Dieting is the only method to lose weight properly without surgery or medication but instead of seeing it as a “diet”, fixing eating habits is probably better.

Diet methods are available through generations and usually different eras have different trends where people are interested in a certain diet. We have chosen and tried several diets including fad diets that are not only unhealthy but also dangerous for the body just to slim down. Of course many works but also putting our body at risk of malnutrition and even eating disorder. Weight loss is never instant and we have to consider various factors in order to achieve the goal properly but also healthily.

The first step to find a proper diet method is to try involving your doctor into the weight-loss effort. While it sounds inconvenient and we have no obligation to do so, it is wise to ask your doctor to review the medical issues and medications that may affect the weight while providing guidance as well. This is especially important for people with extreme obesity or those who already have a health concern and are taking medication thus, we can be sure about the safety and efficacy of our new diet.

The best diet methods are those we can do in a prolonged time since slow progress but continuous is safer than a fad diet that can reduce too much at once but is impossible to sustain. Do consider some of your habits or lifestyle including diets we have tried before and unsuccessful or the part you dislike. In addition, budget matters too because we will change the type of food and amount in most cases so it is safe to choose the one we can afford including if they require supplement or visiting the weight-loss clinics.

Safer weight-loss plans are usually slower in progress and while rapid dramatic weight-loss are very attractive and interesting to try, a slower pace is easier to maintain, especially if you have issues sticking with a strict plan. Many diet methods are flexible enough that doesn’t require you to avoid any type of foods but focus more on including a varying natural foods while occasionally allowing you to treat with other foods as well.

About Atkins and Keto Diet

Diet is very personal, there are lots of factors to think about and it is okay to try and fail because at the end what should be in our focus is improvement. If you have failed several times before, it is probably wise to try a diet with professional guidance to help you through the process. They can be quite expensive however, but we can always look for other alternatives. If you prefer a diet that can allow for lots of different types of foods, the Atkins and Keto diet are very promising options.

We are sure most people are familiar with these diet methods because they are hyped so much and seen as a healthy option compared to many other diets that are circulating and free to choose. They are suitable for people who prefer to still eat three times a day or those who love high protein and fatty foods. Of course these foods are all naturals and deemed as “real” food means they grow on soil or not a product of industrial processes.

Atkins as the name suggests was introduced by Robert Atkins, a cardiologist back then in 1972; the popularity has been kicking off and is still going on today. The diet method itself is emphasizing the importance of protein and fats so they are naturally low in carbohydrates. Unlike many other diets, this one is available in several different phases in order to reduce carbs mostly from the menu but at the end these will slowly get added into your foods again.

Keto on the other hand is inspired by the ketosis condition in which the body is using fat as energy rather than glucose or carbohydrates. Some supplements such as Keto BHB Vs Keto MAX are claimed to help your body get into the ketosis stage but it is naturally achieved only by reducing the intake of carbs which means we have to avoid carb source as long as doing this diet. In comparison to Atkins it is also stricter and Atkins is probably considered one of Ketogenic diets in general.

Atkins Diet

As it has been mentioned above, the Atkins diet is done in several different phases so this is the diet that you will have to keep track on and usually have a certain time to complete unlike Keto that can be your new lifestyle like veganism or vegetarianism. Since this is a low-carb diet, the main idea is reducing carb intake as well. The original diet plan is known as Atkins 20 which is still the most popular and in this plan we have to go through 4 different phases.

The first phase is called induction and here we are only allowed to eat 20-25 grams of net carbs everyday until we are achieving the goal of 15 pounds away from our main goal. The next phase is more forgiving because we can increase the carb consumption from 25 to 50 grams per day slowly until we are 10 pounds away from our target weight. The next or third phase will increase carb intake up to 80 grams until we have met the target weight and maintain it for a month.

The last phase is maintenance and in this step we are eating more carbs or from 80 to 100 grams per day to maintain weight loss. If you think 100 grams net carbs per day is too much, this is actually much lower than our previous diet or what other people typically eat because most Americans eat about 250 grams of carbs per day with a 2,000 calorie diet.

Keto Diet

Moving to Keto diet, this is also similarly low in carb, but is moderate in protein and high in fat. Initially the diet is invented to treat children suffering from seizures but researchers also discovered that it can benefit healthy people too. The idea of Keto diet is for the body to reach ketosis when the body runs on ketones. Ketones are compounds that are formed by breaking down of fat in the body or the food stored as fat.

In order to achieve and maintain ketosis, it is necessary to limit the carb we eaten and the common guide is to reduce the carb from 20 to 50 grams per day so the macro nutrients we have during the diet is typically 5% from carbs, 10-30% from protein, and 65-90% from fat. To know our body ketone, there are several tests such as using blood, urine, or breath.

Atkins and Keto Diet Mistakes

Both Atkins and Keto diets are very promising, they are popular and popularity is attractive because of the high chances they are actually working. This doesn’t mean everyone who is doing these diets is successful either since we have to understand that our body is made different and it may strive with a different type of diet or a combination of diet and exercise. Atkins is a diet that doesn’t require you to count on calories and this may cause overconsumption of protein or fat.

This is one of the reasons why the Atkins diet doesn’t work on some people because their body is still taking more energy than what they are spending. Balancing the food will be more beneficial in the long term and not always about foods like butter and bacon despite how high in fat and protein it is as the diet suggests. As for Keto, this diet is naturally strict but note that it also counts the calories so at least we have a clearer guide on how much to eat everyday.

The common reason for Keto to not deliver the desired results is probably because you don’t eat enough fat. An amount of fat that counts at least 65% of your daily meals is a lot and this fat needs to be unsaturated fat as well so at the beginning we may have to adjust the menu or slowly get used to the new type of foods, especially if you are not used to eating fatty foods. It is also necessary to monitor ketones level such as by blood test to know the progress.

Atkins Vs Keto Diet

Both of them are good diet methods to try and lose some weight. The differences are Atkins will be easier to work with because this method doesn’t strictly count calories and you will get the carbs back slowly as we make progress nearing the target weight. Unlike Keto that limits the carbs similar to phase two of Atkins throughout the diet process as well as include higher amounts of fat in the meals.

Atkins Keto
- Made of several different phases
- No phases
- Slowly introducing carbs again
- Only 20-50 grams carbs per day
- Not counting the calorie
- Counting the calorie
- Higher in protein
- High in fat


You can try any of them based which seems to work best within your lifestyle but if you are not the type who eats a lot of fat on the daily, Atkins is probably easier to get used to and this diet is also more forgiving since you can increase the carbs letter after nearing the target weight.