Advocare Spark vs Shakeology

In the past few years, there has been an increasing demand for Advocare Spark and Shakeology Shakes. Both of these drinks supply their users with a significant amount of energy. These drinks are both made with natural ingredients, so people prefer drinking these types of drinks rather than normal energy drinks. Since these are two different options for energy, we will take a look at Advocare vs Shakeology.


Advocare Spark is a natural energy drink that is consumed before a workout to give the user a natural energy boost. This drink is for people who want to have a natural energy drink, aside from consuming significant amounts of caffeine in normal energy drinks. Spark also comes in a variety of flavors, so there is a flavor for anyone’s specific taste.


This drink should only act as an energy boost, along with one’s normal diet, rather than a meal replacement supplement. Like Advocare Spark, Shakeology is also a natural energy booster. Unlike Advocare Spark, Shakeology is a meal replacement shake that can be consumed before or after a workout. It provides its users with nutrients for weight loss, as well as energy to get through the day. If the user is looking for a meal replacement that allows them to have the same amount energy as a proper diet, then Shakeology is a great choice.


Alltough both of these drinks provide their users with energy, the winner of Advocare Spark vs Shakeology is Advocare Spark. If user is looking for a boost of energy to get through his or her workout, Spark is the better choice. Although Shakeology provides the user with energizing nutrients, it does not give the same “Spark” of energy as Advocare Spark does. Advocare user natural ingredients to boostones energy level so that or she can complete the workout with more energy than without the drink. If someone wants a good energy provider for a workout, he or she should choose Advocare Spark.

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