Advocare Spark vs Plexus

We have seen a lot of debate on Advocare Spark vs Plexus Slim lately, and so we decided to chime in with an in-depth comparison of both supplements. We are not writing on them to promote any of these brands over the other, so we’ll compare them in an unbiased way. We’ll start with their price-nutrition ratio and we’ll add their outlook on complementing the supplement diet with exercise too, so let’s see what we conclude.


Price Comparison:
When we start by comparing the costs of the products, it is obvious one is quite more costly than the other. For starters, we decided to base the price on a thirty day supply of the product, and Plexus Slim takes about $85, having some discounts for the first order and some other promotional events from time to time. On the other hand, we have Advocare Spark, a supplement that isn’t used for 30 days but has a 24-day challenge program. This program amounts to roughly $195, so this is without a shadow of a doubt the most expensive choice. (Read also : Advocare Spark vs Shakeology)


Nutrition Benefits and Performance Comparison:
As far as the benefits are concerned, Plexus Slim is an appetite suppressant and helps you get satisfied with less food, thus helping you to reduce your portions. Dietary advice is limited with this supplement. On the other hand, Advocare Spark brings you a nutritional plan with snacks and meals they recommend, and food advice to help you reach your goals. In this sector, we have to say Advocare is the winner. However, you are given less freedom on what to eat.


To conclude this Advocare Spark vs Plexus comparison, we have to say that Plexus is going to be the right option for people who just need some help regulating their food dosage and/or that are highly sensitive to stimulants. On the other hand, it does help regulated blood lipid levels, burn fat and keep blood sugar levels in check.

As far as Advocare, it is much more comprehensive and in-depth, and if you’re looking for a more structured approach that produces results most of the time, then this is the product for you. This if you aren’t sensitive to stimulants as Advocare packs a bit of a punch. Keep in mind that you have less freedom on what to eat with Spark.

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