Advocare Spark vs Crystal Light Energy

According to a recent report by the World Health Organization, an active adult loses an average of six thousand kilo joules of energy on a daily basis. As such, there is need to look for energy boosting supplements to ensure that the body energy is maintained. One way of boosting your energy levels is by taking energy boosting drinks such as Advocare Spark and Crystal Light. This articles outlines the similarities and the differences of Advocare Spark vs Crystal Light energy and then gives the verdict on which one is better of the two.


These two energy boosting drinks contain almost the same ingredients. They contain similar vitamins and they are both caffeinated. Another similarity is that they both are sweetened and they contain very low amounts of calories. The main quality they share in common is that they are both flavored water types. (See also : Advokar Spark vs Shakeology)


Because they are manufactured by different companies, the two products have more differences than similarities. The main difference is that Advocare Spark contains a higher amount of amino acids than the Crystal Light. As such, Advocare Spark is more effective when heightened mental performance and focus is desired. Although the two products are sweetened, Crystal Light is artificially sweetened using sugar. It contains two artificial sweeteners namely Ace-K and Aspartame. Advocare Spark is naturally sweetened and gluten free. Crystal Light also has a fewer amount of vitamins and electrolytes compared to Advocare Spark. This is probably what makes it cheaper.


The two products claim to be effective energy boosters. Although what may work for you may not work for another person, Advocare Spark is the better and the most advised option to try. This is because all its ingredients are natural and it has no artificial sweeteners. Crystal Light, on the other hand, contains less than 3% of natural ingredients despite its claim that it is “all natural”. It also contains sugar which has devastating health problems such as undesired weight gain. The verdict between Advocare Spark vs Crystal Light energy is that the former is superior over the latter.

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