Advocare Spark vs Coffee

Caffeine is a natural compound found in 60+ plant varieties worldwide. It has confirmed advantages for increased vitality, mental preparedness and as an aid in weight loss. It is ingredient of Advocare products, which is a multilevel marketing company, as a refined element or as a constituent of an herbal excerpt. With Spark you do not have the acidity of coffee. It is at the consumer’s will to decide on using Advocare Spark vs Coffee.


Advocare has become prevalent in recent years , having famous athletes as supporters. As compared to Coffee. Advocare Spark is a sugar less beverage that is treasure of 21 vitamins, minerals, and nutrients and has the caffeine content of 300 ml cup of coffee. For all the weight conscious people, Spark contains just 50 calories. It will provide 3-5 hours of continuous vigour and refined intellectual attention, which is undeniably needed for a lengthy discourses or when you are gearing up for any assessment. You’ll be rewarded with an enhancement of vitamins, which a lot of people miss out because of absence of strong food choices.

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Spark comes in countless flavors including pink lemonade, watermelon, fruit punch, mandarin orange etc. cup of Spark coast $1.50as compared to Coffee, which is $2.10. it comes in a container of 14 sacks or a can of 42 servings. You would definitely save a lot of money in the long run drinking Spark instead of Coffee. An average person drinks 4-5 cups of coffee per day. This could be easily replaced with one Spark a day, which could be a boon for cost saving.


While Coffee has countless benefits, the downside includes insomnia and restlessness. Coffee can be addiction,if you miss it for a day or two, you might get headaches. This is not the case with Spark. Spark is said to have a pleasant taste and has no side effects. You do not get ”concentration swings”. Like it happens in Coffee. If you are given choice between Advocare Spark vs Coffee, I would insist on choosing Advocare Spark, as it will be a blessing for both, your budget and health.

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