Adrafinil vs Hydrafinil

Whether you are a college student who simply wants more alertness or someone who is interested in bio-hacking to improve productivity, the simplest way to get positive results is through eugeroic or wakefulness drugs. Adrafinil and Hydrafinil are highly recommended. These drugs have a lot in common since they lead to increased histamine, dopamine and nor-epinephrine providing increased alertness. Adrafinil vs Hydrafinil, which should you go for?


Both of them metabolize in the liver to form Modafinil. However, research seems to indicate that Adrafinil has greater adverse effects on the liver. There is a lot of evidence, and even those who use Adrafinil are encouraged to counter the liver damage using Milk Thistle. On the other hand, Hydrafinil is considered milder and cleaner. It has fewer side effects, and there is no conclusive documentation of adverse liver problems. One reason for this may be the high dosage required for Adrafinil. The effects are best felt at dosages of between 600-900 mg while Hydrafinil effects start from around 50-300 mg. The higher dosage may have adverse effects on the liver. (Read also : Adrafinil vs Phenylpiracetam)


Another considerable difference is the half-life of the two in the body. Hydrafinil has a half-life of 6-8 hours while Adrafinil has a half-life of close to ten hours. However, Hydrafinil is absorbed faster into the body while Adrafinil may take 2-3 hours before the effect is felt. Most people who use Adrafinil tend to dose at 4 am, go back to sleep and wake up to the effects at around 7 am. Most people who have used both drugs believe that Adrafinil has greater effects than Hydrafinil. When it comes to crashing, Adrafinil has a greater crashing effect as compared to Hydrafinil, and this tends to increase the dependency on Adrafinil.


When it comes to Adrafinil vs Hydrafinil, the most recommended is Hydrafinil. The main reason is because it has less harmful side effects and the dosage required is lower than that of Adrafinil. It is also cheaper, and recommended for beginners or those with liver problems that may be aggravated by other alertness drugs. Adrafinil may be stronger, but you cannot overlook the reports of liver damage. Hydrafinil is the clear winner.

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