Zipfizz vs Emergen C

When it comes to immunity boosting supplements, a lot of people go nuts over Vitamin C. The lauded cure all that will practically beat the cold virus with a shovel and bury it in your yard. Two of the most popular products right now are being looked at today: Zipfizz vs Emergen C. Of course, these two products are not just about boosting your immune system – they are also used pre and post workouts, and as energy drinks in general. Which of the two is more likely to attract you, keep you and make you want to stay? Well, like most things, it all depends on you. What you want, need and what you find most convenient are all things that are going to affect a decision – so is price and flavor.


Starting with Zipfizz then, there is no doubting its power as a stimulant – the caffeine buzz is comparable to just about any other energy drink – and its great flavor. Portability is a big selling point here also, as Zipfizz comes in little vials that can be stowed just about anywhere you might need them – especially handy if there isn’t a lot of room in your gym bag. Without a doubt, Zipfizz is the go-to for many a gym goer, precisely for this reason. But, is that the only reason?

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Emergen C is a similar beast to Zipfizz, and packs similar caffeine and Vitamin C levels. EC goes further however, and with a wider product range. There are packs focused specifically on gym goers, for example, and even a range aimed at smaller people – Emergen C Kidz. Don’t really fancy a fizzy drink before your workout? Have a chewable instead. Where Zipfizz takes the lead in portable drinks, EC makes up for it with a product that you can just chew on!


The Zipfizz vs Emergen C debate can probably be answered in just one question; “how important is price?”

Zipfizz is usually sold as individual vials, whereas Emergen C can be bought in boxes of 30. While Zipfizz can be bought in multiples, these are often more expensive than their sachet counterpart – over twice the price for individual vials and boxes of 30 vials can be as much as 3 times as expensive as boxes of 30 sachets of Emergen C. For costing alone, it is not hard to see who wins. Besides, with a much wider product range Emergen C is the much more attractive prospect anyway.

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