SkinnyMint vs Flat Tummy Tea

Let’s be honest; we are tired of all those products claiming to be effective and potent for weight loss but actually has little to no effect at all. Or maybe the effect is just temporary, and our weight that we thought we have cut off will just simply return shortly after we stop the consumption. And there are now so many so-called detox teas that are endorsed by many celebrities and artists. These detox teas are said to be able to purify your body and remove excessive fats to help you cut down the pounds.

SkinnyMint vs Flat Tummy Tea

Two of the most popular teas for weight loss right now are SkinnyMint and Flat Tummy Tea. Both are teas popular for weight loss purposes, and they each are endorsed by popular public figures. So, do they really work? If they work, which one is more effective? SkinnyMint or Flat Tummy Tea? Below, we will put the two against each other in order to determine which one is the best for you! (See also: SkinnyMint vs Fit Tea)

About SkinnyMint

SkinnyMint claims to be an easy two-step natural tea detox program. It simply calls its program as “teatox”, that is, tea plus detox. However, it is humble enough to remind the consumers that it is not a diet or meal replacement. It is simply a sort of supplement; you can consider it as a lifestyle beverage that helps you lose weight. You, however, still have to eat your regular meals. The SkinnyMint tea is available in two programs, which are the 14-Day program and the 28-Day program. The two programs apparently only differ in the intensity levels of the ingredients. Each package consists of two packs, which are the Morning Boost tea and the Night Cleanse tea.


About Flat Tummy Tea

On the other hand, Flat Tummy Tea does not specifically claim itself as a detox tea. But it indeed classifies itself as a tea for weight loss. Flat Tummy Tea helps you in getting and keeping your tummy flat by using natural methods. It claims to be effective to support your metabolism and enhance your energy. By increasing your metabolism, it ensures that your body will not accumulate more fats by burning the food you eat into energy. And thus, it increases your energy, too, with which you will be able to exercise and workout more. Many users have used Flat Tummy Tea as a pre-workout drink due to the metabolism enhancement. Oh, and don’t forget that Flat Tummy Tea can reduce bloating, too. Flat Tummy Tea also consists of two packs, which are the Activate Tea and the Cleanse Tea.

Flat Tummy Tea

SkinnyMint vs. Flat Tummy Tea: What Do They Contain?

The two products share some similarities with the ingredients that they use. SkinnyMint Morning Boost features green tea leaf, nettle leaf, mate leaf, dandelion leaf, guarana seed, and natural orange flavoring. Each tea bag contains about 62 mg caffeine. In comparison, 8 oz coffee would contain 90 mg. Due to the similar content, the SkinnyMint Morning Boost can be a good substitute to your daily morning coffee. The fact that it contains green tea leaves is also a good thing; green tea leaves are scientifically known to be beneficial to weight loss. Meanwhile, the Night Cleanse pack features senna leaf, orange leaf, peppermint leaf, ginger root, licorice root, psyllium seed, hawthorn berry, and natural lemon flavoring. Unlike the Morning Boost tea, the Night Cleanse tea is caffeine-free and is more focused on the detox.

Flat Tummy Tea’s Activate Tea contains peppermint leaf, dandelion leaf and root, cleavers leaf, green tea leaf, lemon balm leaf, licorice root, fennel seed, caraway seed, and cardamom pods. Meanwhile, the Cleanse Tea features senna leaf, peppermint leaf, dandelion root, licorice root, cassia chamaercrista pods, and rhubarb root.

SkinnyMint vs. Flat Tummy Tea: How Do They Taste?

In general, both teas taste good. But they taste differently. Flat Tummy Tea is more suitable for those of you who prefer a more original taste of tea. With the blend of ingredients, which does not include any flavoring, Flat Tummy Tea offers a strong, pleasant scent of natural tea. So, this can be your choice if you prefer the original green taste of tea. You can add some lemon or honey if you want some variations.

On the other hand, SkinnyMint can be your choice if you do not like the original taste of tea. The morning pack has some orange flavoring, whereas the evening pack has some lemon flavoring. The tastes are great and delicious. However, due to the added flavorings, you may have fewer options on what to add to make some variations. Adding some honey is also nice. Compared to Flat Tummy Tea, SkinnyMint seems to have slightly stronger mint scents.

SkinnyMint vs. Flat Tummy Tea: What Are Their Side Effects?

SkinnyMint seems to be a somewhat stronger brew than Flat Tummy Tea, and, because of that, SkinnyMint may make you go to the bathroom a little bit more often than usual. Flat Tummy Tea is gentler, and it generally does not make you go to the bathroom much more often. Such effect is normal when consuming a detox tea. That is part of the mechanism that detoxes your body. You are recommended to drink enough water to stay hydrated. In addition, these teas are not recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. You should also check the ingredients to make sure that there is nothing that may trigger your allergy, if you have any. If you have a pre-existing medical condition, you should consult to your doctor before taking either SkinnyMint or Flat Tummy Tea.

SkinnyMintFlat Tummy Tea
- Available in 14-Day and 28-Day programs; has two packs, which are Morning Boost tea and Night Cleanse tea - Consists of two packs, which are Activate Tea and Cleanse Tea
- Helps to lose weight and enhance metabolism- Supports metabolism, increases energy, and reduces bloating
- Contains orange and lemon flavorings- Relatively gentler formula
- Somewhat stronger formula- Features a more original taste of tea


SkinnyMint and Flat Tummy Tea are two very popular detox teas. They have many similar ingredients. However, SkinnyMint seems to be a little bit stronger than Flat Tummy Tea. If your body can tolerate the stronger brew, you can try it. Otherwise, Flat Tummy Tea is better. The gentler formula of Flat Tummy Tea will help your body adapt more easily. Also, SkinnyMint has some orange or lemon flavoring in it. Flat Tummy Tea has an original taste of tea.