Shakeology vs Juice Plus

You need to cut down your daily calorie intake in order to cut down some pounds from your body weight. It can be difficult if you feel hungry nearly all the time. That’s why protein shakes are now getting more and more popular on the market. Many people who try to lose weight have consumed protein shakes in order to reduce their appetite without taking too many calories. Below, we have two popular protein shakes that we are going to compare against each other: Shakeology vs Juice Plus.

Shakeology vs Juice Plus 1

Of course, if we are talking about weight-loss protein shakes, Shakeology is one name that immediately comes up to our mind. We have discussed about Shakeology quite some in a previous article, Shakeology vs Slim Fast. Everybody knows Shakeology, and this premium shake has received lots of compliments and positive reviews. But there is also the Juice Plus shake, which is like a direct competitor to Shakeology. Just like Shakeology, the Juice Plus shake considers itself as a lifestyle drink; if you want to lose weight, you have to change your lifestyle. So, of these two products, which one is the best and the most effective?

How Protein Shakes Help in Weight Loss

Before we proceed with Shakeology vs Juice Plus, you need to understand first why protein shakes are so popular for weight loss. Do not just follow the trend and craze without getting enough information. Usually, when you are in a diet plan for weight loss, you have to reduce your calorie intake to create a calorie deficit. Your body needs to burn more calories than it consumes. This way, your body will break down and burn the accumulated fats that make you bulky. The biggest contributors to gaining weight are carbs, sugars, and fats; so, you should reduce your consumption of these nutrients.

Protein shakes are usually designed to have low carbs, fats, and sugars while being high in protein. Protein is an ideal source of energy for weight loss because it requires more energy to be processed by the body. In other words, you will be burning more calories than if you are eating carbs or fats. Furthermore, protein also fuels fat burning, and promotes muscle repair and growth. Protein can help you stay energized and recover after your workout session.

Protein shakes for weight loss usually also come with high dietary fiber. Fiber is also great for weight loss because it cannot be digested by the body. Instead, it will form a gel-like structure that fills your digestive tract, effectively making you feel full. It is also able to bind some fats, and it can help to maintain the health of your digestive system.

Shakeology’s Nutritional Values

Shakeology can be taken as a snack when you feel hungry before the time of your main meal. Each serving takes one scoop (40 grams) of the powder, mixed with 8 – 12 oz water. Every serving provides roughly 140 calories. The fat content is very low, less than 0.5 grams. The total carbs content is 19 grams, with 11 grams of sugar. The sodium content is 95 mg. It provides 16 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber. Furthermore, Shakeology is also enriched with various vitamins and minerals to support your body’s daily nutrient needs.

Shakeology vs Juice Plus 2

Overall, the numbers are good. The sugar and sodium levels are pretty significant, but not as high as many other shakes. The protein content is good. In addition, Shakeology provides vegan products in addition to the regular products. Shakeology is caffeine-free, gluten-free, and soy-free. However, it is not certified to be fully gluten-free and soy-free because it is processed in the same facility that also processes gluten and soy ingredients.

Juice Plus’s Nutritional Values

On the other hand, each serving of Juice Plus, which takes one scoop (37.5 grams), contains 120 calories. It also contains 20 grams of total carbs, 10 grams of sugar, zero fat, and 250 mg of sodium. It provides 13 grams of protein and 8 grams of dietary fiber.

Juice Plus is vegan when prepared with vegetable milk. It is also caffeine-free and gluten-free. However, it contains soy. If you are allergic to soy, be careful.

Although the nutritional values of Juice Plus are generally good, we are concerned with the very high sodium content. Scientific studies show that people nowadays eat too much sodium, way higher than the recommended limit. While sodium is indeed needed by the body, too much sodium can cause health problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and kidney disease. Too much sodium is also bad for weight loss because it causes water retention; your body will retain more water, which increases your “water weight” (the body weight coming from the water levels in the body).

Performance and Effectiveness

Now that we have read about the nutritional values of Shakeology vs Juice Plus, there is still a question that remains: Do they really work? Although the fiber content of Shakeology is quite low, it actually fills the stomach well. It can make you feel full for some time, making it a great appetite blocker. The protein content is also quite high, able to give you some good boost of energy.

Shakeology vs Juice Plus 3

On the other hand, even though Juice Plus has a higher amount of fiber, it is not really better than Shakeology. It also makes you feel full at first, but the satiety does not last very long. Besides, the protein content is lower.

Flavor Choices

Finally, let’s see the flavor choices provided by Shakeology vs Juice Plus. You probably want something with several flavor choices so that you will not get bored easily. Shakeology is quite innovative, providing five flavor choices for the consumers: vanilla, chocolate, café latte, strawberry, and greenberry. The vegan version is available in two flavor options: chocolate and strawberry.

Unfortunately, Juice Plus is only available in two flavor choices, French Vanilla and Dutch Chocolate. Well, that’s not a problem if vanilla or chocolate is your favorite flavor.


In the end, we recommend you to choose Shakeology. It has better overall nutritional values. The calorie is quite low, and it has decent protein and fiber. The sodium and sugar levels are not too high. And, it is available in various flavors. Juice Plus is nice because of the low calorie and fat levels, but the sodium content is too high.