Optavia vs Nutrisystem

Optavia and Nutrisystem are among the most popular weight loss programs that help in weight management and long-term health. Of course, they have many differences. Which one is more effective? Which one is healthier with minimal side effects? Find the answer below.

In this article, you can find out more about:
– How the Optavia program works,
– How the Nutrisystem program works,
– The comparisons of their results,
– The potential issues of Optavia and Nutrisystem, and
– Which one between Optavia vs Nutrisystem that is generally better.

About Optavia
So, what is Optavia? Optavia is a group of diet programs that are specially designed to aid the dieters in weight management and long-term health. Most of these diet programs are quite complicated. So, when you sign up for Optavia, you are usually assigned to a professional coach to guide you in preparing your own healthy meals and adopting healthier habits. See also: Optavia vs Ideal Protein.

Optavia also have some meal-replacement foods called Optavia Fuelings. In addition, it involves an active community where dieters can share their stories and motivate each other. You can sign up for Optavia here!

The company is aware that obesity is caused by unhealthy eating habits. Because of that, the Optavia diet programs are designed not only to make you lose weight, but also to give you a “life-long transformation” by making you adopt new healthy habits from time to time. Optavia claims that it can make you lose weight, increase your vitality, improve your energy, and enhance your overall health.

Optavia Results and Issues
Just like many other diet programs, Optavia has received both positive and negative reviews. Those who are satisfied with the results say that Optavia is effective in making them lose weight and even adopt healthy habits, such as eating balanced nutrition, fruits, veggies, avoiding fast foods. Meanwhile, the negative ones mostly complain about Optavia’s expensive prices and limited food options.

About Nutrisystem
A classic method of weight loss is calorie counting. By keeping your calorie intake under a limit, you can make a calorie deficit and make your body burn more fat. However, this is very inconvenient. Sometimes, you lose your count. You also don’t know for sure how many calories that a meal contains. Other times, you just really want to eat your favorite food and forget about the diet.

Nutrisystem eliminates all the inconveniences. With Nutrisystem, you don’t need to guess and count calories. You also don’t need to spend time wondering about what to eat.

When you sign up to Nutrisystem, you can choose the most suitable diet plan for your condition. In each plan, there are several different options for breakfast, lunch, snack, dessert, and dinner. Nutrisystem’s meals are already calculated and balanced. You may add fresh produce for some variety.

Nutrisystem Results and Issues
According to a study, Nutrisystem can give 3.8% greater weight loss effects than weight-loss education or counseling. Some user reviews say that Nutrisystem is indeed effective for cutting several pounds.

However, Nutrisystem also has some negative reviews. Some people get bored quickly with the food options. Some others don’t like the flavors. Finally, there are some reports that Nutrisystem caused abdominal cramping, constipation, diarrhea, and nausea. Such side effects rarely happen; they are caused by a drastic diet change without enough transition time.

Optavia vs Nutrisystem

- Complex diet programs that involve professional assistance- Simple diet plans with pre-determined foods
- You make your own meals while adopting healthy habits- The meals are prepared for you
- For weight loss, improve vitality and energy, long-term health- Focused on fast and effective weight loss
- Limited food options- Limited food options, may cause some side effects

In general, between Optavia vs Nutrisystem, we recommend you to choose Optavia. This is a more comprehensive program which makes you lose weight and avoid gaining more weight in the future by making you adopt healthier habits.